Small Group Medical

Arizona Benefit Plans, Inc. is a Managing General Agency representing a number of small group medical carriers for over 38 years.

We are your resource for several partially self funded plans for 2-150 employer groups. Additionally we provided a comprehensive platform of limited medical plans for the small group market.

To help agents, brokers and consultants work aggressively to save their customers time and money we have developed a comprehensive mechanism to deploy:

  • Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) solutions

Small Group Level Funded Plans

This solution has in recent years become a much more viable solution to combat rising health insurance costs. ABP, through several partners, offers a unique partially self-funded plan that is designed to eliminate wasteful spending and lower overall premium costs. For your employer customers, there is no difference and they pay their premiums as they do today.

What is different about a partially self-funded plan is that a portion of your employers premiums are set aside to offset their claims cost. What’s great for an employer is simply, any funding left unspent at the end of the contract year, is surplus; and surplus gets returned to the employer. Think of this simply as returning what would have been insurance company profit, back to the employer!

Working with agents, brokers and consultants our mission is to provide a member focused healthcare experience for you and your employees while keeping healthcare costs low.

How does it work? Its simple- The maximum annual claims costs plus the fixed administrative costs, including claims run-off liability, are predetermined and you pay 1/12 of this cost each month for the 12 months of your plan year. After you have paid this amount, there are no other charges for the claims fund. Once all claims have been paid for the plan year, any unused dollars in the claims fund will be used to reduce future premium rate increases. In the event of plan termination, each employer is eligible to receive back any unused dollars in the claims fund.

ABP has built several programs with multiple outlets and different variations of claims management in this product space.

Pooled Medical and Dental Programs

Together with a partner insurance carrier we can provide a unique way of coming together and pooling employer health and dental benefits. Using a modified partially self-funded program this platform has been built to do the following for employer groups:


Underwritten as a Self-Funded Group

  • Preferred industry with favorable underwriting factors
  • Provides quarterly pool reports
  • Significant cost and benefit design advantages in relation to current Health Care Reform requirements
  • Limited Health Care Reform taxes and fees

Increasing Plan Performance Through Transparency

  • Transparency means no more hidden data selectively shared by insurance companies
  • Quarterly reporting will be provided to the contractor board to review claims utilization of the purchasing group
  • Claims data can be reviewed to target and educate on high claims categories, thereby minimizing future claims costs and renewal trends, ensuring long-term competitive pricing within the pool

Minimized Risk

  • Easier to budget
  • Easier to predict increases and decreases
  • Lower administrative costs

Risk Tiers

  • Four tier composite rates
  • Provides appropriate tiering for each group to keep pool strong
  • Benefits all risk type groups

Exclusive Network with Excellent Access:

  • Employer groups have the flexibility to choose between the prestigious Cigna PPO and Arizona Foundation networks


  • Contractor Board meets quarterly
  • Voting rights for renewal changes

Keeps Renewal Rates at a Minimum

  • Historical renewal trends of other EMI Health purchasing groups average single digits

Stability and Long-Term Health Care Solutions

Integrated Wellness Program:

Onsite biometric screening, mobile mammograms, flu shot clinics and more- all included in the program at no extra cost
Based on experience of other AMI Health groups, employees engaged in 85% of key wellness categories can save up to $1,800 per year in claims cost.

Basic Medical & Limited Medical Plans

Our carrier partners provide product which is a limited benefit medical policy that enables you to offer cost controlled health and life insurance to those employees generally not eligible for benefits. (It is not a replacement for a major medical or other comprehensive policy.) This includes part-time, hourly, seasonal and temporary workers as well as those who report full-time. The product platform covers a variety of medical needs, allowing you to provide protection for your entire workforce.

Here are some examples of how you can use the plan:

  • Protect employees who are generally not eligible for benefits.
  • Offer different benefits to various levels of employees.
  • Provide interim coverage for employees waiting for major medical to begin

What employees like about Limited Medical Plans:

  • No preexisting condition limitations
  • No required networks
  • No medical underwriting (Except for late entrants on life and disability income)
  • No deductibles on covered benefits
  • No co-pays except for prescription drugs
  • Coverage for dependents may be included at no additional charge

Employer HR Service Outsourcing

For employers who seek a full platform of HR services, Arizona Benefit Plans has entered agreements with several Human Resource Outsourcing service providers. The extensive services this platform can provide include:

  • Payroll support
  • Wealth Management (401K, Pension Plan Admin.)
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • HR Services (including legal, IT and compliance support)

Our expertise can help you resolve the complex market and offer you and your client’s viable solutions to your problems.